What’s a short-term rental?

short-term rental
Do you want to rent out your property for only a few months?
Are you going overseas for a few months and want some extra cash-flow?
Do you simply just need a break from using Air B’n’B?
If you have answered YES to any of the above, then we’re the agency for you! 

At Charlotte Peterswald Sydney, we can not only manage your long-term rentals but can now also manage your short-term rentals too. That being, less than 6 months at a time.

So what is a short-term rental and why are they different to a long-term rental?

A short-term rental is your own property or perhaps a holiday home that you usually Air B’n’B out for income. We can take the stress out of your situation and will find you tenants for a longer period of time than you might be used to, which in turn maximises your return profit.

Will you be travelling for a few months this year? Why not use our services so you can have someone in the property paying rent. It might even give you some extra cash flow while you’re travelling.

How do we find tenants?

We work with executive re-location agencies which we know are an important source of tenants. We understand the importance of this as short-term lettings can appeal to internationals looking for a short-term home within Sydney. International tenants prefer short-term lettings as short-term stays within a suburb help them understand what type of suburb they would like to live in long-term within Sydney. Almost like a ‘try before you buy’, but for the suburb itself.

We also recommend signage at the property. You will be amazed by the interest this actually can deliver. For example, someone’s mother or father might be visiting and would like a place local to their family, rather than a hotel. Relatives would usually notice the sign (as they already live in the area) and would refer their relatives to the property.

Online real estate sites are also utilised within the campaign. In fact, we use 8 different sites for our online listings. This includes premier advertising within realestate.com.au, which gives an enormous advantage against other similar listings within the market. To learn more about premier advertising on realestate.com.au, CLICK HERE.

Further facts about short-term lettings

  • Short-term rentals are fully furnished properties and have full facilities available such as a washing machine, pots & pans, bedding and linen etc.
  • During the tenancy, anything that remains within the property will need to be replaced/maintained if broken. This is also at the owners’ cost.
  • A list of furniture will need to be provided by the owner. This is a form of safekeeping for everything within the property. This also holds tenants accountable upon vacating the property

If you’re interested in our services, get in contact with us below to book in your free market appraisal! We can find out how much weekly rent you could be getting.

To learn more about property management, here is our guide on how to choose a good rental agent for your home.

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