Maximising profit from renovating – hanging around

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Here are some simple ideas for maximising profit for your investment property or brightening up a rental.

The use of throwaway products is becoming more and more topical, especially when we see the piles of waste and rubbish that countries are struggling to manage.

Guilt-free creativity and beauty are so satisfying. Ditch the plastic and look around you for inspiration. Avoid products that use harmful dies or manufacturing processes.

Here are some beautiful Pinterest hanging (art) ideas from photos to tea towels using branches of wood. Careful and sparing use of unique ideas such as these can lift your home above the run-of-the-mill. At least your home will be like no other. So instead of paying for mass produced let’s look to nature for our surroundings inside and out. Even when you are selling in a market like Sydney it doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the square. If you’re unsure of the results each time then grab a trusted friend to give you an honest opinion. Careful curating of the things you hang on them will make sure you don’t end up looking like a 1970s op shop and more like unique living artworks!

See our Pinterest folder for more ideas.

Click here for more inspiring lighting on our Pinterest!

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