Maximising profit from renovating – lighting with a gentle twist.

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When renovating with the eye to maximising profit, a common mistake that can be made is to follow tired formulas or deny yourself the fun of being a tad creative.

Sometimes in this rushed modern world, everything can start to have an air of being the same, and so it’s even more important to stand out from the crowd. Too hard and modern with no personality or too sterile or just same same!

If you are renovating for resale or holding as an investment, substantial extra dollars from property renters and property buyers can be added by creating beautiful unique spaces. It’s important to express our own style by mixing and matching soft and hard elements, and textures and dotting the unexpected around a room – even something that is obviously hand-made with imperfections. When you are selling a house these little extra touches can make all the difference and stimulate competition. It’s called flair and it doesn’t need to be expensive and can be learned. Here we have picked lighting that is unexpected but also warm and inviting.

Don’t be afraid to use texture to liven up your home. If you’re nervous keep the tones neutral and you can’t go wrong!

See our Pinterest folder for more ideas.

Click here for more inspiring lighting on our Pinterest!


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