Storage solutions – 8 ideas for tight places.

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Storage solutions can be as simple as stylish little shelves in unexpected places! Make a home feel custom-built, while also adding some extra storage in a small space.

If you’re not sure where to keep all of your books, vases, and tchotchkes, let these rooms inspire you for storage ideas – set up a shelf in an under-utilized spot in your home. Over the door, above the toilet, tucked in every corner—the shelf is going where it’s never gone before.

Are you under the impression that you’ve maxed out the storage ideas in your small apartment? There may be some spots you aren’t considering. When it comes to selling or renting, especially in space compromised big cities, great storage can be a big drawcard.

1. Add a shelf above the door to squeeze a little extra storage out of any room.

2. There are racks that mount to the back of a door, and are great for storing smaller items.

3. The space above the cabinets is a great spot for kitchen items that you don’t need to access particularly frequently.

4. An unused corner is a great spot for some extra shelves, or maybe a corner hanging bar.

5. In a tiny bedroom with no room for a nightstand or a bookcase, let your bed serve for both.

6. You can add a little extra storage in pretty much any space by running a shelf along the top of the wall, just a foot or so below the ceiling. Don’t lose any floor space at all, and you’ll gain a lot of lovely storage.

7. Particularly great for reclaiming space in your kitchen cabinets and pantry, under-shelf baskets that hang or affix to your existing shelves can be found at most home organisation stores. Though not always the most stylish, they add a lot of function to your shelves.

8. Screwing or gluing the tops to mason jars to the underside of your shelves can be magic for creating a series of screw-off, see-through storage jars that can hold just about anything from craft supplies, to seasoning to more.


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