Maximising profit from renovating – dream away with these cozy window seat ideas

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No spot in the home is as suited to romance as a window seat. Curling up in one to watch the world go by can make anyone feel like the heroine of a Victorian novel. It’s also an idea that utilises space and adds value to your home when done well.

Where space is short it allows extra storage and cuts down on the need for excess furniture. Clever ideas like these can make your home appear carefully considered and bespoke to purchasers.  A little twist that creates delight.[envira-gallery id=”2895″]

Whether you choose to lounge on a sunlit ledge and read the day away or simply want to perch and enjoy a wintry morning with some cocoa, these suggestions will help create just the right ambience for your window seat.

Window seats are often cleverly carved out of “leftover” spaces. While they may be tucked away and only exist to provide additional storage or fill an awkward space, you can leverage that.

Don’t waste the space underneath the seat itself. This is great for storing winter blankets or children’s toys and board games. Whether you prefer drawers below for easy access, flip-top seats for larger items, or cabinets and shelves all around for one very generous built-in unit, what you ultimately display at your window seat area is important.

Create comfort as well as visual spaciousness by bringing the indoors-out and outdoors-in via window views. The spot will soon become the most popular place in the house to watch the sunset with a glass of wine while day turns into night and when it’s time to sell your home perhaps add a few more dollars!

Click here for more inspiring window seats on our Pinterest!

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