Maximising profit from renovating – How to create depth and interest into your interior with tiles

Jul 26, 2017 | Renovating | 0 comments

Maximising profit through renovating - interior tiles
“Tile your way to a colourful home”

Geometrics have been used successfully in interior design for centuries, each decade somehow taking on a fresh, new angle. The emergence of 3D printing has made its mark on interior trends, along with our evolving love of mid-century modern and industrial style. Introduce a multi-faceted element to your home and you’re quite literally giving it another dimension. See how a 3D-design could be incorporated into your home. Just keep in mind that a little goes a long way, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming.

Visit any tile showroom and you will soon see there is a large variety of tiles to select from, which in the case of those that are building or renovating can make the task of selecting tiles an overwhelming experience, so many of us revert back to basics with simple white tiles.

But, providing you are willing to experiment, the look doesn’t have to be plain and boring. By experimenting with texture and pattern, you can create depth and interest, while maintaining a minimal design style and achieving a safe and timeless interior.

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