Maximising profit from renovating – Bookshelves – the perfect addition to any interior.

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“Life’s best adventures are as close as your nearest bookshelf”

An accumulation of books is something to be proud of. That must be why so many of us collect books and refuse to part with them, even if we never intend to revisit their pages again. There are a few things we hold on to indefinitely with such fervour. Even now, with kindles and iPads, many are now returning to the notion of a well thumbed book that can be kept and returned to time in and out throughout our lives. Books aren’t expendable, nor should they be forgotten. They are our journey through life and they should watch over us like sentinels, in the rooms we love most.

But a lifetime’s worth of reading material requires a serious storage solution. The good news is, done right, a well-loved home library is the perfect addition to any interior – an endlessly versatile backdrop lending colour, detail and authentic personality to a room.

These impossibly expansive shelves provide the perfect backdrop to an interior filled with industrial furniture, vintage collectibles and eclectic details.

There are endless opportunities to incorporate clever shelving into contemporary interiors, and you don’t necessarily need an entire wall at your disposal. Hallways and stairwells can present the perfect opportunity for ad-hoc shelving whilst bookshelves built around windows and doors invariably become the talking point of a room.

Seamless integrated shelving is the sleekest way to house a large library. We love the in-built cabinetry with a custom library ladder for easy access – Adult-life goals right there!

Want to see the ultimate bookshelves ideas at our Pinterest page? Click here!



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