Relax and unwind with these inspirational backyard pools

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“Home is where the pool is”

Many people believed that swimming is a one best way of maintaining the body’s shape and health. Since many people said that swimming is a kind of activity where someone can perform some cardio activities and it is much easier than biking or running. So it is the best way to have a constant exercise even once a week while enjoying the quality time with the family. But we must have to consider some advantages and disadvantages of installing the swimming pool in our house.

Indeed it is true that swimming pools are one of the most captivated assets in our dream house because most of the time it is the best place to hold the occasions for the family. Hence we may say that it is good to have our own swimming pool in our backyard. This will provide us the best spaces where we can relax and unwind from work stress or our hectic daily lives. It seems that everyone we know is currently in the middle of making their move into their dream home too! With our friends having just set up base in Tampa Bay in Florida, and it is fair to say that they have more than a backyard swimming pool they have access to. There are so many things that they can get up to in their new gated community which they found through Metro Places ( and I have to say I am quite jealous, but instead of feeling this way I’m going to enjoy my very own backyard swimming pool that I’ve created!

With the amount of different and amazing pool designs collected in our Pinterest board, you will certainly get some ideas that you can apply in your dream swimming pool theme in your backyard. Things to take into consideration is the shape or size of the swimming pool, this is so that it fits in nicely with your backyard. Other things include one that is safe, convenient, affordable and easy to maintain. The great advantage of having your own swimming pool in your backyard is that it will give you freedom to enjoy your summer when and as you please, so you don’t even need to travel away for this kind of luxury! And besides, there is no better place to enjoy the quality moments spent with our loved ones than in our own home.


Click here for more inspirational backyard pool ideas!

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